An analysis of fantasy themes in the star wars universe in relation to the symbolic convergence theo

Fantasy theme analysis offered reasonable explanations as to how Independent Nation themes move listeners and readers to act.

An analysis of fantasy themes in the star wars universe in relation to the symbolic convergence theo

As others have said, the cutting of hands seems to be a fairly common and logical thing to do in a Lightsaber combat the hands being the forwardest part of the body. This is confirmed by Lucas himself: What is the meaning of all the hands, arms, legs and heads being chopped off in the films that have emerged from Lucas' brain?

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That's what happens when you play with swords In addition, it's not just Skywalkers who lose hands. From this absolutely excellent compilation: He's cut in half. Some people count that as 2 legs.

Mace Windu 1 I'm sure EU has him cutting some himself: II to Dooku - Loses 2 prosthetic arms in Ep. C3PO Mind you, that doesn't stop people from reading into it. Three most popular interpretations I've seen were: Freudian analysis from post-modernist movie critics who said it was an allusion to castration and some problems Luke and Anakin had with their mothers.


The theory that having a cauterizing weapon with no blood shown helps with movies' MPAA ratings. Then somehow everyone involved just kinda ran away with the meme, but then they got an arrow in the knee.

However, there's no canonical support for any of these.In Star Wars the theme of responsibility for the life-­affirming care of all things makes sense through the surrounding and binding presence of the Force in and to all things.

All things are symbionts with the Force and therefore one another, interconnected in some way in a complex web, and consequently to exploit any aspect of that arrangement for one’s own gain is to significantly risk the delicate balance of life.

An analysis of fantasy themes in the star wars universe in relation to the symbolic convergence theo

Convergence, as a concept in this theory, is defined as the way 2 or more private symbolic worlds come together, or overlap during certain points in communication.

Evidence of Symbolic Convergence According to Foss () SCT can be determined through frequent mention of a theme.


The Political Message of The Hunger Games. This article contains spoilers for The Hunger Games. you always had a touch of surreal, of magic and of fantasy. (the Star Wars films included), there is no explanation as to why so many people support the Dark Side or Darkseid, the empire or its supreme leader, because that might muddy the.

An Analysis of Fantasy Themes in the Star Wars Universe in Relation to the Symbolic Convergence Theory by Ernest Bormann.

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Fantasy, the lower, more restricted term, is defined in relation to imagination, the higher more comprehensive term. (see: imagination) In contemporary society and media the term fantasy is often considered a subset, and lower class possibility of the imagination. basic unit of analysis of symbolic convergence theory and fantasy-theme criticism A word, phrase, or statement that interprets events in the past, envisions events in the future, or depicts current events that are removed in time and /or space from the actual activities of the group.

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