An introduction to the importance of the big emerging markets

What Is an Emerging Market Economy? By Reem Heakal Updated August 17, — An emerging market economy EME is defined as an economy with low to middle per capita income. The term was coined in by Antoine W.

An introduction to the importance of the big emerging markets

Big Question: The Emerging Markets

We started focusing on Africa and Latin America as our business targets and after more than 13 years, despite many things changing over that time, we still pursue this agenda.

For us, the Latin American region is a market where gaming is rooted in its culture. It is a market where the majority of the population combines a strong passion for sports with a love of games of chance and social media. In our opinion, the most concrete example of this is the recently regulated Colombian gaming market.

Indeed, Colombia was the first country to regulate the gaming industry properly, thanks to the work of Coljuegos - its regulatory body in charge of all gambling activities. Colombia carries with it significant scope for the gambling industry growth as betting is considered a popular pastime and slot machines are everywhere throughout the country.

Its population of 48 million is extremely attracted by casino games and lotteries, without mentioning the strong interest in football competitions and horse races.

An introduction to the importance of the big emerging markets

Quite a number for six months of regulation. Nevertheless, the potential of this market is yet to be fulfilled. At the moment there are only nine online betting platforms licensed by Coljuegos and the president stated they should double for the end of the year.

What an EME Looks Like

But the fact that makes us even more optimistic about the future gaming market in Colombia is the recent Coljuegos attempt to complete the current gambling regulation as well as other important pieces of the gaming offering.

Indeed, a draft decree has already been published to discuss the regulation of online gaming products including live dealer casino games and virtual games, together with the chance to pool poker. This could be the final piece of the jigsaw in order to boost the Colombian gaming market even further.

Besides legislation issues, an additional positive marker for the potential of the Colombian gaming market is the leap in technology that are being made that increase the exposure of mobile gaming to new swathes of the population, year by year.

The advance of technology and online payment options will undoubtedly make it easier to access the sportsbook and casino games, translating this passion for gaming into online success for those operators best able to target the country through its deep knowledge.

From our perspective, Africa is the number one region that can provide a launchpad for companies like ours to really grow our client base. Several African countries still need to regulate gambling, but there is certainly plenty of room for growth in them as and when the necessary frameworks are put in place.

Currently, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the places where we are seeing interest from operators, and these could be the areas that provide the most valuable opportunities for operators and suppliers.

On top of this, over million Nigerians have mobile access. As is the case in any emerging jurisdiction, operators and suppliers will need to take the idiosyncrasies of the market into consideration, such as which verticals are the most popular, how often players play these games, the times of the day they play, etc.

It is important to sell tailor-made region-specific games to operators, and that is what we plan to do in Africa. We can also tailor customer incentives by offering free bets for those who try our lottery games.

Furthermore, there has not been a clear strategy developed by any stakeholders as to how to target millennials in Africa. We anticipate that African millennials will be no different to their counterparts elsewhere, motivated as they are by fast and frequent betting opportunities, which we can provide.

You can then cross-sell other verticals to players on mobile, but it is important for us to target mobile as a starting point. As a result, it is also crucial to be mobile-friendly in Africa, as mobile penetration continues to grow in these developing countries. According to GSM Association, the number of mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa alone should grow from about million in to around million in While that conference will focus in particular on sports betting, that does not mean this is the only area where the market can continue its growth.An Overview of Current Trends in Emerging Markets KraneShares FTSE Emerging Market Plus ETF Introduction 3.

Emerging markets too big to ignore In terms of GDP, many emerging market countries rival the economic importance of .

An introduction to the importance of the big emerging markets

1 For instance, Vanguard Emerging Markets ETF (ticker symbol VWO), which seeks to track the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, charges an expense ratio of % (as reported in the prospectus dated February 26, ). Emerging markets are economies that are moving towards becoming what are known as ‘developed markets’.

This usually takes place as they become more industrialized and embrace free market economics. Why MNCs Are Still Winning Big in Emerging Markets March 15, By Nikolaus Lang, Dinesh Khanna, Arindam Bhattacharya, and Abdeljabbar Chraïti The global business landscape has changed radically since the financial crisis of – The question still remains whether emerging markets as a group have become more self-reliant over the past boom-and-bust cycle.

Three important indicators suggest more interdependence among. 1 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Big Emerging Markets: The Importance of the Governance Environment Shaomin Li, Marc Fetscherin, Ilan Alon, Christoph Lattemann, Kuang Yeh.

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