Bic versus gillette the disposable wars

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Bic versus gillette the disposable wars

Although more than half of company profits are still derived from shaving equipment—the area in which the company started—Gillette has also attained the top spots worldwide in writing instruments Paper Mate, Parker, and Waterman brands and correction products Liquid Papertoothbrushes and other oral care products Oral-Band alkaline batteries Duracell products, which generate almost one-fourth of company profits.

Gillette maintains 64 manufacturing facilities in 27 countries, and its products are sold in more than countries and territories, with more than 60 percent of sales occurring outside the United States. Entrepreneurial Beginnings One summer morning inan ambitious traveling salesman found that the edge of his straight razor had dulled.

King Gillette later said that the idea for an entirely new kind of razor, with a disposable blade, flashed into his mind as he looked in irritation at his dull blade.

King Gillette had been searching for the right product, one that had to be used—and replaced—regularly, around which to build a business. His innovation in shaving technology was just such a product.

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Another safety razor, the Star, was already on the market at the time but, like the straight razor it was meant to replace, its blade needed stropping before each use and eventually had to be professionally honed.

Gillette envisioned an inexpensive, double-edged blade that could be clamped over a handle, used until it was dull, and then discarded. Gillette spent the next six years trying to perfect his safety Bic versus gillette the disposable wars. Scientists and toolmakers he consulted were pessimistic, and thought the idea impractical.

Gillette, 40 years old at the time and a successful salesman, inventor, and writer, did not give up. In he joined forces with William Nickerson, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology -educated machinist. Gillette became president of the company and head of a three-man directorate.

Production of the razor began early in The renamed Gillette Safety Razor Company began advertising its product in Octoberwith the first ad appearing in Systems Magazine.

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In Gillette received a patent on the safety razor; sales rose to 90, razors andblades that year. The following year the company bought a six-story building in South Boston.

By the company had paid its first cash dividend. During the years before World War I Gillette steadily increased earnings through print advertisements, emphasizing that with his razor men could shave themselves under any conditions without cutting or irritation.

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At the same time, Gillette was expanding abroad. He opened his first foreign office, a London sales branch, in Byforeign business accounted for about 30 percent of Gillette's sales. In King Gillette decided to sell a substantial portion of his controlling share of the company to the company's major investor, John Joyce.

Gillette retained the title of president and frequently visited foreign branches, but he no longer played an active role in company management. Joyce was made vice-president, a position he used to manage day-to-day operations. When Joyce died inhis longtime friend, Edward Aldred, a New York investment banker, bought out the Gillette shares left to Joyce's estate and took control of the company.

Aldred remained on Joyce's management team. In order to meet military supply schedules, shifts worked around the clock and Gillette hired over new employees. Gillette thus introduced a huge pool of potential customers to the still-new idea of self-shaving with a safety razor. After the war, exservicemen needed blades to fit the razors they had been issued in the service.

In Gillette's patent on the safety razor expired, but the company was ready for the change. Gillette also gave away razor handles as premiums with other products, developing customers for the more profitable blades. Expansion and growth continued. The company also continued to expand abroad.

More favorable publicity followed when the Paris office gave Charles Lindbergh a Gillette Gold Traveler set the day after he completed the first transatlantic flight. By the end of the decade, Gillette faced its first major setback.

Gaisman, filed suit for patent infringement after Gillette produced a new blade using a continuous-strip process similar to one originally presented to Gillette by Gaisman.

Gillette resolved the suit by merging with Auto Strop, only to face another problem. Confidence in Gillette fell, as did its stock. The crisis led to management reorganization. King Gillette resigned as nominal president, and died 14 months later at age Gaisman became the new chairman of Gillette and Gerard B.

Lambert, son of the founder of the Lambert Pharmacal Company—makers of Listerine—and a former manager there, came out of retirement to become president of Gillette.Gillette’s vision is to build total brand value by innovation The distribution network of Gillette is very robust Gillette has made extensive promotion campaign (Gillette Champions & Gillette Stadium) Gillette has co-advertised shaving gels and foams along with its razors Gillette has the widest product range and the deepest product line.

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Bic versus gillette the disposable wars

*Among Fusion razors.;ProShield razor blades: Lubrication BEFORE and after the blades shields from irritation Gillette Fusion ProShield Men's Razor features FLEXBALL Technology that responds to .

Shop for BIC Razors in Shaving. Buy products such as BIC Silky Touch Women's 2 Blade Disposable Razor, Pack, Assorted Colors at Walmart and save. in the United States are Gillette. Gillette Schick Store Brand All others BIC *Based on systems razors volume share in retail stores only, in the latest 52 weeks.

Gillette Vs Bic Buying Decision Behavior Chap 6 Pg 1. Marketing 2,0 / Principles of Marketing Kotler pg. Chapter 6Bic Versus Gillette: The Disposable WarsABOUT HALF OF ALL WESTERN men get up each morning, confront their stubble in the bathroom mirror and reach for a cheap disposable plastic razor.

Bic versus gillette the disposable wars

The new disposable blades have been engineered to have flexing heads, aloe, gel strips, all sorts of stuff that make it harder to cut yourself. A safety razor is much sharper so, despite the name, it's much easier to cut yourself with it than you're used to.

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