How our setting uses the environment

First steps Download and install the bit version of 7-zip. We used the bit version, 7zx

How our setting uses the environment

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Stopping ColdFusion services Once the services have been stopped, you will then be asked for the location where you installed ColdFusion. Again if you selected the default options in the main installation, you can leave the default location and click Next.

ColdFusion Administrator location The installer will then start. Once it is complete, the installation reviews the changes made in the Install Complete screen. Once you have read through this screen, click Done. Check that the install has installed fully by opening the ColdFusion Administrator, clicking the System Information button at the top right of the Administrator, and checking that the Version number is 9,0,1, When you start the ColdFusion Builder 2 installer, you may get the security warning that the application will make changes to your computer.

Click Yes to proceed with the installation. The installer starts and shows you an introduction screen, click Next.

How our setting uses the environment

The license agreement screen appears. If you agree with the license agreement, select the accept option, click Next. You have two ways to install ColdFusion Builder 2: By selecting the Standard option, the installation will give you Eclipse, into which you can install additional plugins.

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If you have already installed Eclipse or Flash Builder, select the plugin option. For the purposes of this article, I suggest you select the Standard option. Install folder You can also associate.

If you do not wish to have this feature, deselect this option and click Next. Check the information shown and when you are ready, click Install. Install confirmation screen Once the installer has completed, and ColdFusion Builder 2 will start.

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When ColdFusion Builder 2 starts for the first time, you will be asked for the location of your workspace. You can change the workspace to a location of your choice or leave as the default.

You normally will want to use the same workspace every time, so select the option "Use this as the default and do not ask again".

How our setting uses the environment

Software setup page, entering a serial number or selecting the day trial version Next, the installer asks you to sign into your Adobe Account. You can skip this or enter your Adobe ID if you have one. If you don't already have an Adobe ID you can easily create one here.

When ColdFusion Builder 2 starts, it shows a start page that gives quick access to the features of ColdFusion Builder 2.

Click the Server tab and click the Add Server button.To add to sagarchalise's answer, I can summarize what the link suggests as appropriate places for settings.

For global settings, system-wide environment variables.

Managing config vars

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